2020 – The Year of the Doortrait

2020 – The Year of the Doortrait

The Doortrait

This year will be one we all remember, for many reasons. The one that I think resonates most with myself, though, is that it was the year we all became even closer as a family. Homeschool, working from home, lockdown have all meant that we are spending much more time in our homes. In response to this, a local photographer began taking photos coined ‘Doortraits’ – portraits of families outside their homes during lockdown. A snapshot of a unique time. 

A friend was lucky enough to have one of these photo sessions. When I saw the resulting image, I knew I had to put it on wood for them!

I also want to share their website, Retsof Design, as they are amazing designers who have transformed houses into amazing homes and living spaces. 

Why not get in touch and see what they can do for you? 

 Original doortrait image courtesy of Matt Fowler Photography